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Powder Coating Bike%20frame

Powder coating is a harder wearing coating that is applied as a dry powder electrostatically and is then cured (thermosetting) under heat around 180℃ for around 10 minutes to allow it to flow and harden.

We offer powder coating for all types of metals, such as household appliances, gates, garden furniture, automobile and bicycle parts. New powders allow other substrate such as MDF and glass to be powder coated using different methods called hot coating where the item is heated prior to coating to allow the powder to stick.

Because powder coating is not a liquid, we can produce thicker coatings than conventional wet coatings without running or sagging and allowing coverage in areas where wet paint is hard to get without runs. 

Powder coating produces minimal appearance differences between wet paint, horizontally surfaces and vertically coated surfaces.

With todays large range of RAL, Metallic, Candy’s and chrome powders, along with applying several layers of colours or effects, you can create not only a durable coating that will last for years but some truly amazing effects.

See the range of colours we stock or can get for next day delivery Powder Colours

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